Sustainability requires that we consider the future as a stakeholder in every current choice. This makes clear objectives, continuous learning, innovation and capacity for adaptation keys to sustainability.

Based on our understanding of the opportunities to create economic, social, environmental and human value while managing the risks posed by an uncertain future, DKG Group recognizes that the ideas and principles of sustainability provide the most robust decision-making framework we could ask for. Sustainability underpins much of what we care about, who we are, what we do and how we do it.

To ensure the continued success of DKG Group, our shareholders and clients, we resist sacrificing long-term value creation for short-term returns: the two ideas must be mutually reinforcing. As part of this culture, DKG Group and its employees have a long history of improving the communities where we work and live. Ultimately, sustainability is a business idea. It is about how we help our clients and ourselves to be more successful in an uncertain future where change is the only way forward.

DKG Group's strength lies in our great diversity. We are organized to draw upon our deep knowledge, across boundaries, markets and disciplines, to broaden the number of things we examine before we make a choice. A very intersection provides the opportunity to consider not just profit but also value creation, risk mitigation and opportunities for future success.

We consider the future as a natural progression of present-day practices, as we act to help our clients make investment decisions that will create value of financial, natural, human and social significance.

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