Human Rights Policy

DKG Group’s Code of Business Conduct addresses many of the ethical principles and policies created to deal with issues such as bribery, political contributions, diversity, equal opportunity, respect in the workplace, and environment, health and safety.

The Code includes the following key points, among others:

DKG Group recognizes and respects all labor and employment laws – including those respecting freedom of association, privacy and equal employment opportunity. Also believes that working positively and directly with employees best serves their interests.
• DKG Group expects employees to avoid any activity or interest that might reflect unfavorably upon the integrity or good name of the Group or of themselves. They are obligated to place Group’s interest in any business transaction ahead of any personal interest or personal gain to either themselves or to their spouse, family member or other individual.
• DKG Group complies with all child labor laws. It understands that children may legitimately perform tasks that do not interfere with their education and do not negatively affect their health, safety and development.
• It is DKG Group’s policy to provide all employees with an environment of mutual respect that is free from any form of harassment and discrimination. Harassment and discrimination of any form is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

All DKG Group employees are expected to adhere to the Code of Business Conduct in the daily performance of their job responsibilities.

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