Volunteer activities

The Group serves volunteerism either by providing charitable gifts to eligible nonprofit organizations or by taking active part ( some members of DKG Group) as volunteers and supporters at the Rodopi Ultra Trail (ROUT) event.

People who give their time are essential to the prosperity of any event; the ROUT is no exception. In order to be carried this 100 miles running race a lot volunteers are needed. The ROUT, 100 miles running race is carried out at the Rodopi Mountains in Northern Greece. The heart of this mountainous ecosystem constitutes the Protected Area of Rodopi Mountains.

The Rodopi mountains has significant aesthetical value, an area of exceptional ecological interest (especially botanical and ornithological), as it has a wetland of International importance, that accommodates more than 300 bird species and constitutes a basic link in the chain of wetlands. Apart, here is present a small but sustainable population of the Brown Bear, dears and chamois.

These skilled volunteers who help to run out this event do the hard work, either by cleaning the paths under strict directions to keep the natural beauty untouched (protecting the flora, fauna and animals), or by standing for more than 42 hours close to participants by covering any of their needs during the race.

Charitable gifts to nonprofit organizations for 2011-2012

Rodopi Ultra Trail (http://www.rout.gr)

• Adventure Zone (http://www.a-z.gr)

• Natalia Papounidou & Babis Giritziotis for Solu Khumbu Trail – Nepal (http://www.dkggroup.com/newsdetail.php?id=190&lang=el)

• Athletic Association of Lagada (http://www.asklagada.gr)

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