Labor Policy

DKG Group promotes an environment free from discrimination and harassment, and is committed to ensuring equal opportunities in all areas of employment, including recruitment, hiring, training and promotion. It strives to ensure all employment practices are objective and free from bias, are based solely upon work criteria and individual merit, and meet the broader goals and objectives of the Group.

Further, it is Group’s policy to provide and maintain a productive atmosphere that is characterized by mutual respect. The Group prohibits actions that are unlawful or inappropriate in the workplace. Our Good Working Relationship policy prohibits any conduct that is consistent with discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace harassment, victimization, bullying or vilification.

The management team is responsible for ensuring that the spirit and intent of this policy is consistently practiced. Moreover, each employee has the responsibility to treat every colleague or applicant for employment with respect and in a fair, non-discriminatory manner.

Labor Policy:
“We believe that respect for the dignity, rights and ambitions of all people is a cornerstone of business excellence in the 21st century. This policy extends to every of our employee. We expect also the customers, suppliers and contractors with whom we do business to embrace similar values and standards. We recognize and respect all labor and employment laws – including those respecting freedom of association, privacy and equal employment opportunity – wherever it operates.” 

Equal Opportunities
DKG Group is committed to equal opportunity in all areas of our operations, all business activities and employment-related activities will be administered without regard to race, color, region, age, sex or disability. It is the Group's policy to afford equal employment opportunities to all qualified employees and applicants. These employment opportunities are based solely upon an employee's or applicant's qualifications, skills and abilities without regard to any condition or characteristic that is not job-related. In addition , every Group location is required to have policy prohibiting discrimination, including harassment, and an accompanying set of policies establishing procedures for reporting and investigating complaints.

On Apri, 2011 during the selection of 2 new employees for the same position, no gender distinction was made as we selected both a man and a woman.

Employee Rights

The Group respects and promotes worker's rights, decent employment opportunities and channels of communication between employees. We develop and maintain a working environment whereby all employees have the right, and the ability to work in an atmosphere where they are treated with dignity and respect.
We comply with all applicable national labor laws regarding wages and work hours and we recognize each employee's right to associations, so our Financial/Accounting department communicates frequently with the Labour Inspectorate and the Employees' Union insurance Fund in order to continue to be updated about financial and other obligations to the employees.

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Child Labor Policy:
“We comply with all child labor laws. We understand that children may legitimately perform tasks that do not interfere with their education and do not negatively affect their health, safety and development. We seek to have a positive impact on the reduction of unlawful child labor and child exploitation. We expect also our customers, suppliers and contractors to embrace similar values and standards.”

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