Sustainable Innovations

DKG Group has a rich history of innovation in the greenhouse industry. Our people’s twenty years of experience is followed by many significant achievements like branded products (Prima, Lucia, Drama, Tomaccini), hydroponic cultivation method, natural pollination by bumble bees, beneficial organisms use instead of pesticides, climate management by computers, special packing house and renewable fuel (olive core) for heating.

From our involvement to the first hydroponic greenhouse in Greece (early 90's) comes to 2012 with the installation of the first Photovoltaic (Solar) Glasshouse also in Greece, that designed and developed by the AGROTECHNIKI Ltd and DKG Consulting Ltd in their joint innovation venture LIVE CELL®.

The module allows photovoltaic equipment to coexist with flower crops. What is more, it acts as an element for the seasonal control of the radiation and interior temperature of the greenhouse, apart from constituting additional support for the entrepreneur’s economic activity through the sale and/or private use of the energy obtained.

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