Cultural Heritage

The DKG Group contributes to Cultural Heritage by taking active part as a co-founder to the Cultural Foundation "Methexis“, that founded to meet the needs and beliefs of founders and its members who place as protractor the quality, culture, participation and cooperation and aims to the universality of the individual and the art of everyday life «The daily art of living».

For more please visit : www.m-f.gr & www.ekthesisyrrako.blogspot.com/
"Orizontas"  and "En Xoro"are two television show series that aims to educate and entertain those who are seeking adventure or cultural treasure. The "Orizontas" TV show based on natural beauty sides of physical activities and places around Greece. The "En Xoro" TV Show seek to preserve and exploit the rich cultural heritage of Epirus.
The DKG Group is also member of the Gastronomy Club of Epirus, a club that  promotes local, traditional products of Epirus to the broader public via exhibitions and national and regional events, and through online marketing and social media tools.

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