Food Safety

No dirt
Without dirt, plants cannot get soil-born diseases, cannot be invaded by grubs or other soil-based insects, and cannot absorb toxins and bacteria found in soil.

No Pests
By applying an intensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that uses beneficial insects to control pests and stimulate healthy plant growth. Outdoors, plants are more vulnerable to various types of diseases and insects whereas in a controlled environment have the ability to keep a lot of these pressures at bay, so we are able to keep our plants healthy by using also bees for pollination and beneficial predator insects.

No Animal Waste Fertilizers
Plants receive just the right amount of nutrient-rich water that gives them everything they need. The plants are not in contact with fields where runoff from animals can carry bacteria. So no chemical residues or bacteria from animals can ever reach a plant.

No Disease
Culture faces no such challenges since the plants grow in the perfect environment, by eliminating the dirt, the pests and the animal waste fertilizers, are unaffected by many diseases that plagues the open field grown.

No Acid Rain, No Nasty Weather
Greenhouse protects the produce from the rain that carries pollutants or weather damage that ranges from bruises, marks and nicks to the loss of an entire crop. Greenhouse growing ensures optimal environmental conditions by using high-tech computer systems that replicates the best natural growing conditions where temperature, humidity and light are just at the right level.

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