Sustainable products & solutions

One way DKG Group contributes to society is by promoting sustainable products & solutions, a key element of our strategy. Products that provide sustainable advantages to customers, healthy, nutritious, tasty and safe products every day which are good for both people and the environment.

DRIKA Farm and all of our clients are encouraged to adopt sustainable agricultural practices, in order to increase the quality, the taste and quantity of their crops, and to promote safe and efficient working practice.

Prima Greenhouses S.A was the first hydroponic greenhouse in Greece, in which Christos D. Katsanos had given the opportunity to the Greek market to know about branded juicy sustainable hydroponic tomatoes (Prima tomatoes).

Our people’s twenty years of experience is followed by many significant projects that DKG Group took an active part in order to create branded products, through sustainable practices, such as Agritex Energy S.A/Greece (Lucia tomatoes), Wonderplant S.A/Greece (Drama tomatoes), Hortifruct SA/Romania (tomatoes & cucumbers), Ostrovit SA/Romania (Domeniil Ostrov wines), V& VGD Ltd/Bulgaria (V tomatoes & cucumbers), Jasmin Agro Ltd /Bulgaria (Jasmin superior tomatoes), Hellenic Greenhouses SA/Greece (Best crispy lettuce), ORCHARD Horticulture Development Co/Egypt (Top peppers) etc.

All of our clients embrace a strong commitment to growing sustainable products by applying an intensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM), by using bumblebees to help encourage natural plant pollination, by practicing strictly water management to feed the water and nutrients directly to plants' roots (or even collect rainwater and use it in the irrigation systems), and lastly by using all used mediums of the cultivation in a sustainable end-to-life way.

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